Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So today while doing stuff...

I suddenly missed certain types of songs or music that I really liked back in highschool. Or was it elementary pa? Not sure. Let's just say that it brought back memories, and you know, I started thinking: "What the hell happened with these kinds of sounds?"

Well it kinda disappeared. I mean locally, here in the Philippines. Na-dominate na tayo ng pop songs, emo bands, pogi rock, Sarah Geronimo and the likes.

Or a combination of all of those.
So what kind of music am I talking about? Plug your ears, bring your rosaries (you know what they say about it), and keep your moms away from the computer. Read on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Movie Review: The Town

Before it gets drowned by the critically acclaimed The Social Network and the sequel to last year's Paranormal Activity, ummm Paranormal Activity 2, I'd like to write a review for this little known film (well konti lang yata ang nakapanuod nito, di ko napansin sa Facebook wall updates ko) called The Town.

Di ko to pinalagpas because c'mon, how uncommon are these types of movies these days?


Well I need to make an update every time I find something interesting or I find the time to, you know, write and stuff, but for this one, i'll keep it relatively short since I'm really just excited.

Para sa mga hindi nakakaalam, I've written a few posts about this new American television series called The Walking Dead. To keep this short, the said series premiered last October 31, 2010 (Thanks for the info Francis) and it's about a cop, a few survivors of an epidemic or outbreak. And there are zombies. Yep. Zombies. On a weekly basis. Man how exciting huh?

No reviews for now. Still waiting for the episode to load. Fanboy-ish much? I'm hoping na maging maayos ang translation from the comics to television. Maybe this one will be my new Lost? Hope so.