Sunday, August 29, 2010

Staying healthy...

Is an option. Lalong-lalo na ngayon na we're living in a world where such a delicacy as DEEP FRIED BEER EXISTS!

Wait I'll let you process that sentence for a bit... deep (like how people deep fry chicken. or chicken skin)... fried (as in with cooking oil type of fried)... and beer.

Here let me show it to you in all its deep fried beer-y-ness.

Dumidighay ba yung isa?

Friday, August 27, 2010

I suddenly missed this.

As I was browsing the internets, I came across something that lit some past memories in me. Oooh the nostalgia. Ano tong sinasabi ko? Well I saw this...

That's a Playstation 1 Controller kung wala kang idea.
and suddenly I remembered the good old Playstation days. How did I get here? Well the designer of that controller was interviewed recently and he explained the meaning of those icons.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trailer Time: 127 Hours

Okay maybe I'll make this something like a regular article here about new trailers that I see around the net. This one here is 127 Hours directed by Danny Boyle and boy oh boy does this movie look very, very interesting. Here's the trailer:

Monday, August 23, 2010

For our country...

And all the people who were taken hostage in the recent hostage crisis (it's not telenovela so I refuse to call it drama. fuck you media) at the Quirino Grandstand in Metro Manila, may God/Lord/whoever it is all of you people believe in, bless their souls.

To the policemen who were brave enough to go there even though they seemed incompetent, I'd like to think that they just lack the proper equipment, training and support, but still, for the guts alone kahit na walang bulletproof vests and helmets yung karamihan, still good job.

To the hostage-taker. Rest in... wherever. And... no. Just, go the eff away.

To the people na nang-uusisa lang, wtf. Really, kapag tinamaan kayo ng bala magrereklamo din kayo. Like seriously, alisin ang pagiging usi. Delikado.

And to the media who covered this crisis (it's not a drama, eff you), you guys knew that the hostage taker was watching/listening to the goddamn news coming from you guys, and what the hell do you do? You fucking continue to report even emphasizing that the suspect might get agitated or angry about the events occurring outside. Like his brother getting arrested. YOU FUCKING HIGHLIGHTED IT. Thanks guys!

Some of those gun shots you heard? You were the cause of that. If some of those bullets injured or killed some people, then I don't know. Talk about sensationalism (lalo na yung sa kapatid which imo triggered some tragic events). Please draw the line next time. Don't think about your ratings or how you're providing live feed for everyone around the freaking planet. Please.


As I have seen from a post somewhere, our country stood still today, from here, our next step should be forward. This is rock bottom, there's nowhere else to go now but up.

no post for today. let's all pray for those who were there. and for our country as well.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

For the ladies.

This post is for the ladies out there who may have a lot of free time on their hands right now. Or men can also do this if it doesn't make you guys feel awkward, weird or perverted or something. Here's the introductory image to sort of, ummm, welcome you to the idea that you're about to see.

Yep. Those are napkins you're seeing.
Okay? Now click on to find out what this is all about.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A collection of artists

Well this is a rather short post. That, my friends, is a t-shirt design from Shirt Woot. Do I need to explain who those people are on the shirt? Hindi pa sapat yung mga masks nila? And the rat? This is very clever and very funny at the same time. I sure want one. And a pizza, I think I want a pizza right now.

A new trend is upon us!

Well there's this semi-news that's been circulating around the net like yesterday or the other day or within the week about Batman (I swear this is not another Batman post) stealing some poor guy's Taco Bell order while it is being handed over from the drive-thru window to the car. Yep. Batman. Stealing. Tacos. Here's the video:

Read on to see more (yes MORE. Dear God what's happening to our planet)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just be amazed.

Well I've already made a whole post about Justin Bieber but man, the kid's got some staying power. He's in the news the other day when he made one badass revenge move. Apparently some kid hacked into one of Justin Bieber's friend's twitter account to get the Biebs' phone number. In an act of pure revenge awesomeness and doucebaggery, Biebs then posted the cellphone number of the hacker claiming it was his.

Don't mess with him or else you'll get effed up.
Well, what happened next? Bieber's got like 4 million, MILLION, Twitter followers. The kid's phone got effed up so hard that he had to discard it along with his twitter account. The kid's parent is expecting a bill in the areas of $2,000 - $10-fucking-thousand dollars. Like a small house here in the Philippines!
What the fuck?!
But no, this post doesn't end here. JB kinda follows it up with some more awesomeness and this time, it's his music! Yeah read on to find out!

This one made me smile.

Back when I was still a kid, whenever me and my family went to my grandparents' house in the province, it was my habit to occupy the rocking chair in their house and sit there, just you know, to rock.

Oh yeah man!
That's why this particular design somehow made me smile and made me think na "Oo nga no? Bakit hindi ko naisip yung idea na yun?" because it's so obvious and yet it's still really very clever. Maybe it's because the lack of awareness back when I was a kid? Or maybe the green movement's still not in full bloom? I don't know, but without further ado, here it is:

The ROCKING  Rocking Chair

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You can actually reach out!

Well there's no point denying that the 3-D Revolution in Visual Media is here. Every month, there's at least one movie that is being shown in 3-D in your local cinemas (kahit na hindi worth it). 2-D films are now being constantly 'upgraded' to 3-D just to be in this trend. Even television sets are getting the 3-D makeover creating that full immersion in the shows and programs you'll be seeing. You'll automatically be a part of the program!

Whether you like it or not
But then some geniuses (or perverts, depends on your preference) came up with something. Well, it really is just a matter of time before the 3-D revolution went there. What is it you ask? I'll assure you that this news will blow you away and it will really suck you in (you'll see what I did there, eventually). Well it's none other than... (for those at work, I'm warning you, but it'll be PG-13. no worries)

Monday, August 16, 2010

So I got curious...

Just this last weekend as I was watching Dokumentado on TV5, a show each and every one of us should totally watch, I came across this very, very weird news that's apparently going on in our beloved country... Yep!!! Once again once more... Itttttt's CHISMIS TIME!!!

And for this particular post, this'll be about the rumored romance between... *drum roll please* dundundunduuunnnn!!!

Boo-ya. No news for tonight so far.
There you go. Binay and Kris Aquino is apparently an item these days. Wait-what?

That is pretty deep.

This here folks is currently the world's DEEPEST SWIMMING POOL. Let me first show you how awesome this thing looks and read on to see more images.

It's in-door!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gisa (or Review): Batman: Under the Red Hood

Another freaking Batman post in this blog! I know.. sorry. I've just recently, like a while ago type of recently, finished watching this new animated film that features Batman (so obvious) and a new character that starts to menace Gotham City and Batman himself: The Red Hood.

Released just this year! 2010!
Seriously, I'm going to convince you to see this movie and talk a little bit about Batman in the process so read on.

Is this considered bad?

This one's pretty old, and I mean seriously OLD... but it still amazes me. There has been, for some time now (like years ago pa yata ito), an internet meme that involves Jesus and.... DINOSAURS! Here let me show you the image that I saw that got me to write about it:

Holy Velociraptor!
Woah! Look at Jesus! Look at his ride! Could you make it any awesome-er? See more images (THERE ARE LOTS MORE!) after the cut.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ooh... Electric Chess looks cool

Now this looks like it consumes a lot of electricity and a little too dangerous but I think it isn't. Everyone, here it is, the electric chess set:

WOW! COOL! Are the first words that I've said
This chess set was designed by Architect Brent Blake and as you can see, the pieces are all similarly shaped like your typical light bulbs. See more images after the break.

Friday, August 13, 2010

You sure that's not like for umm-forever?

Well there's this new hotel in Tokyo that further enhances the 'capsule' hotel concept. You know, those hotels in Japan where people sleep in capsules? Or little tiny spaces? More like boxes fitted with beds and pillows.

Like this!
Well this time, I think the difference that they made is that they made it more 'simpler'. But how can you get more simpler than stacked boxes for beds? Let's all watch and see what this new hotel offers. It's called the 9 Hours Hotel.

Do the math.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just wanted to share this awesomeness.

Whenever I have some spare time, I mostly dedicate it to trolling looking for interesting news and websites and whatever in the interwebs. But sometimes, I'd like some time off and read some literature. Stuff that I've found from somewhere across the web. Right now, that particular read is a comic series called "The Walking Dead".

Comics + Zombies = BRAAAAINS
It's a great comic series that in a way, analyzes how humans will react to a zombie outbreak. It has the usual stuff from zombie movies (but minus the mall setting... so far) but with far more depth and characterization, well since it's a comic book, so issues are spent on character development. Buuuut, this post isn't really about the comic. No, no, no. It's about something that has the potential to be more awesome (well, for me, I'm thrilled!) SEE IT AFTER THE JUMP! HAHA!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Know what a holster is? According to the most reliable source of information in the internet, Holster refers to  "a device used to hold, or restrict the undesired movement of a handgun, most commonly in a location where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use." Or in this case... BEER!

Like a grenades, only this time... IT'S FRIGGIN BEER!!!
It's called the Hops Holster. It includes 12 INSULATED HOLSTERS meaning it can retain the coldness of your drinks! Each holster can hold a typical 12-ounce can of drink. It can be soda, canned water, sardines, oooorrrr BEER! Seriously, what else is there? Ma Ling?

Woah! Just... woah! Being drunk and being awesome at the same time! Feel like a soldier of booze during parties! I seriously want one... or maybe I'll try and make one myself. HA!

Disney's Inception: Something simpler.

Well this is certainly interesting. As the title suggests, this is a post for all the people who somehow didn't get Inception. For the people who asked "wtf just happened?", here's a simpler storyline for you. Ever heard of a character named Donald Duck?

This dude. or is it duck?
He's in it. And boy is it awesome. read more for the link. Oo nangbibitin ako.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slow News Day (So Far): Well this happened.

First to orient you... As I was doing my initial nightly browsing of newsworthy articles or even thinking/coming up with some random topic that I think I can write like a full on article, I came across some news articles from You know, the one that pops up whenever you go online in your Yahoo Messenger.

Welcome to slow news day (so far for tonight)!!! This segment will cover articles that I think are somewhat interesting. So for today, the first thing I've read when I went online was....

*Caption Here* otherwise known as "Wala pa kong mabalita" pic

Monday, August 9, 2010

I feel ummm, weak?

So we were walking in the mall yesterday and I saw something that reduced or maybe overpowered is the term(?), I saw a poster and a small tv screen showing a trailer that metaphorically grabbed my manliness, punched it repeatedly while shooting it with a grenade launcher and then spat and laughed at it in the process. Yep, that kind of overpowering ka-macho-han. I'm talking about this people:

See that? Can you even comprehend how much testosterone seeps out of that poster? I'm guessing they made this poster using the bloods of all the hoodlums and goons they've killed in all of their movies. You know even Rambo alone could've done that, but combine him with John McClane, and the Transporter, and Jet Li?!?! If that poster didn't do you in, I'm saying this trailer will:

Holy eff... if you still want to feel more manly (or less manly, depends on how you take it) than ever, then read on

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be afraid people! Be very afraid!

So during the last movie I've watched (Inception) in a theater, a particular trailer caught my attention... Well everyone's attention for that matter. It's super good you will not believe you're actually seeing it (even if it's just the trailer I'm talking about here). Ladies and gentlemen, please see: PIRANHA 3D.

OOOOOHHHH. They placed this before Inception to maybe, I don't know, show contrast?

Anyway this trailer got me thinking, is there any way anyone could top what they have there? I mean look at them, PIRANHAS... IN THE SEA! All they really need is Samuel Jackson and the movie's complete!

But lo and behold. I came across something far more awesome-er. And it's far more insane!

See what it is after the jump.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BioErgonomic Pen is really Ergonomic.

Ergonomics is defined as (according to the most reliable source in the planet today):

"The science of the design of equipment, especially so as to reduce operator fatigue, discomfort and injury"

Fatigue, discomfort and injury. Now ladies and gentlemen, let me show you how the BioErgonomic Pen looks like and see more images after the jump...

I know I've seen that from somewhere...

WHY? Please answer me. WHY?


So I get stuck in traffic. Drive around for like 5-6 hours non-stop and this is what I see on the news. Cruel.

Yep. You've read that right. Justin Bieber. Singer. Youtube Sensation. Now a MOVIESTAR.

Yo dud--  Let me tell you one time.
Yep. Seriously.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awwww. I feel bad.

I'm part of that gaming generation who grew up with Tetris. I can still vaguely remember when my parents bought our first Brickgame. I remember playing with Nintendo's Game & Watch and my cousin's Family Computer (if I remember correctly, I never did have my own Famicom, we had the SNES). But I don't remember Tetris being a violent game. Or a sad, sad game of 8-bit proportions. Which is what's apparent in these images...

Look at their faces!!!

Now I feel bad for those 8-bit creatures. They get blown by Spaceships, they get eaten by a Circle (imagine that?! a circle eats you! how sad...) and get stomped on by a Plumber who I think gets high on occassion (he's always on some mushrooms and weird plants that make him breathe fire. pucha high na high. drugs lang nakakagawa non!)

And if they somehow survive those, where do they eventually go when they die? TETRIS.

They're screaming in pain and agony all in digital 8-bit sounds.

Next time you play Tetris, just think about them... please.

It's like Twilight! only 1000X Better!!!!

So just recently, like last week type of recently, at the San Diego Comic Con, Zack Snyder shared this to the viewing public anddd oohhh boy, we men got our reply to that girly film people know as Twilight. Ladies, and more importantly, for the Gentlemen, here it is: Sucker Punch

Monday, August 2, 2010

Late News! Ba-Ba-Ba-Batman! Psssh!

Well here's a start. I've been trying to post this ummm, news, for quite some time now but have never gotten to the point that I'll actually write something about it. I've seen this news last week so for those of you who have heard or read about this before, well it's really for the ones who haven't.

So just to start things here, we all know who the Batman is. (NOTE: CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER RESOLUTIONS. PWEDE I-ZOOM!)

Yes sir I think you're the Batman. Please don't hurt me.
From that panel alone, you can see how badass this dude is. Even if he wears a bat costume and most of the time, puts on his briefs over his pants. But something happened recently...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Did any of you managed to watch that very fresh and should I say very original new show of ABS-CBN, Pilipinas Win na Win? Me? I did! And was I glad that I've tuned in to watch history in the making. As for those of you who have not seen it, well you're missing quite a lot! Lemme explain to you after the jump since it's way too awesome to contain in this summary.