Saturday, September 18, 2010

Talk about free time. and creativity.

Well, just a few days ago, I posted something about Mario's 25th birthday and another involving a live-action Pacman video. Continuing from that trend, I came across this pretty old video na talaga namang panalo (WIN!).

This video is about Mario running around a campus or some kind of facility. The level design is simple but still very good. I mean the environment is cleverly incorporated in the design. Now just watch...

Now I know I have some spare time with this blog and stuff but I don't have this amount of free time. How long did that take? Still, I applaud the people who did this for the fun and dose of nostalgia that the video gave me. Clap clap!

Friday, September 17, 2010

John Lloyd is THE Man!!!

John Lloyd Cruz.

There's no denying he's the epitome of a "Tunay na Lalake." A "Real Man," for those who can't understand Filipino.

This guy!
Because of him, the phrase "Trabaho lang" was once again popular within the male community. Like everything he does is not for his family or anyone else. Just work. No personal feelings. Whatsoever.

And with the recent rumors surrounding him, man, talk about solidifying his status. Or hardening.

I know we're a little bit behind on the news here because this came to the public's attention like last week pa, forgive us for the delay in news. Di kaagad kami nakahugot ng magandang masusulat eh. Sorry. Well read on

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just WOW.

Dapat matutulog na ako eh but man this is amazing that it deserves its own post. You know Pacman right? You know that guy?

Not Manny Pacquiao. Pacman as in the videogame character.

Well there's a video in Youtube showing a whole bunch of dudes re-enacting a Pacman game via stop motion animation. AND IT IS EXTREMELY AWESOME AND AMAZING!

And yep, there's a tone of nostalgia in my recent posts. Feel it?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey it's September 13!

Guess what? It's a special day today! Well apparently, birthday ngayon ng isa sa pinakamahalagang tao na nabuhay sa panahon natin. I grew up with this guy. I'm pretty sure you did as well. Today, September 13, 2010, Mario turns 25.

Hey happy birthday! Cheers!
Ohh nostalgic? Suddenly missed him? The game? Well let me share some things with you...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Facebook: Pokemon

Here's a nice set of Facebook status updates by some Pokemon characters and Pokemons in general.  The one with Magikarp-Gyarados is extremely funny IMO. And Clefairy's too cute.

There are at least a couple more. You gotta read 'em all!

Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

Duuuuuude. That has got to be one of the most sabaw films I've watched. Like ever. Kakapanood ko lang ng The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers, and man was it so weird. And high. I think I felt high. Like I'm on something while watching it.

Effin weird as hell.
Like seriously, duuude, read on.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something Educational: The Letter O.

Well again I've been away for again for some days. I'm sorry bout that. In return, let me share with you this very, very, very useful infographic that I found somewhere. At oo, masayang matutunan ang ganitong random trivial knowledge combined with the way it is presented.

Now you're interested...
See the whole thing and learn a lot more. Click read more!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trailer Time: MACHETE!


So far, I still need to see The Expendables in theaters. And I'm not seeing Machete anywhere near me soon. Ire-release ba ito dito? Anyway, saw this trailer again (well not really a trailer anymore since it's now showing in US) but hell! This is pure B movie at its pureness!

HOLY EFFF!!! He fucking pulled that guy's intestines!  And used it to rappel down another fucking floor! DAMN! That's incredible right there! And Robert De Niro in what seemed like a street shoot-out? Reminds me of Heat! Add Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan (I don't care kung parati syang naka-drugs! HAHAHA!) in the mix then you're complete! Oh, and add Michelle Rodriguez' sexy manly-ness. WINNER!

Please let this movie grace our shores. Please? And without cuts! Eff you MTRCB.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The word BUBBLY

or BUBBLING is now an official word in the internets. Before this new innovation was introduced to the world, a quick Google Search of the term "bubbling" and you get a description like this:

v. bub·bledbub·blingbub·bles
1. To form or give off bubbles.
2. To move or flow with a gurgling sound: a brook bubbling along its course.
3. To rise to or as if to the surface; emerge: "Since then, the revolution has bubbled up again in many forms" (Jonathan Schell).
4. To display irrepressible activity or emotion: bubbling over with excitement. 
That's from The Free Dictionary website. Then a quick Google Image Search of the term gives you these results:

Bubbles. As you know it.

Then a Mormon guy invented the term bubbling. Here's what he said:
"Being mormon, I can't look at porn or nudity. So I have to get creative. That's why I invented "bubbling"
Curious? See what he means and read on! (Warning: Technically, Safe For Work naman, but let your brain do the work)

I don't know... I got to these videos but... nakalimutan ko na kung paano talaga. This one's about Objectum Sexuality or the love, not like, but love for an inanimate object. Like relationship type of love.

Relationship Status: It's complicated
Ipopost ko na lang yung video after the jump. Well ayoko gawing medyo weird and in some ways, malungkot, yung main page.


and I've got some news for you! (man it sure feels weird typing again).

Anyway, news. Dahil nawala ako for a whole week, I'd better bring something new for you right? Well guess what, here's the news. Alam nyo bang you can now watch full movies on Youtube? YEP!

Movies. Youtube. For FREE.