Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Light Duct Tapes!

I know hindi ko inabutan ang original Tron film back in the early 80's but napanood ko naman sya just to see what they were all excited about when Tron: Legacy was released last year. Well, the original turns out to be a sort-of Matrix type kind of film with all the computers and all the digital effects the 80's had to offer that time. Awesome graphics and spaceships and computer battles Blocks and pixels. So seeing this duct tape ad made me smile dahil they went for the old film's light cycle scene.

1000++ internets to the ones who conceptualized this advertisement. And a slight deduction for the awkwardness of Tron Guy and his wife sister. What? Anong stereotyping? Judgmental? ME? Well screw you *goes to garage with a pole SCH-IIIIING! PEW PEW PEW!

reference for normal people people who are not cultured in nerdom:

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