Saturday, August 6, 2011

Usapang Sabaw: Brief o Bangs

So, earlier this week, Warner Bros. released an official photograph for their upcoming movie on 2013: Man of Steel. In the released photograph, you can clearly see Superman breaking into a vault or some heavy-steel-door something.

He looks serious. (via)
As you can clearly see, Superman's rocking what appears to be a new hairstyle without the traditional curly bangs and a new darker suit, but what we can't see is if he's wearing any underwear on his costume due to the apparent darkness of his crotch. Now this I hope will be a start on a segment here where we ask questions you could ask your friends kapag nag-iinuman kayo: What's more important to get the trademark Superman look? His Bangs or his Briefs?
As you can clearly see in the initial picture that they posted, Superman looks like he just applied a dozen  of gel on his hair. Yeah I know he's flying in the air and the wind forces it to be like that but the image, as you look at it, really does give a certain vibe (or maybe I've been on the internet for too long?):

I'm sorryyy for the image :(
And besides, what's so wrong with the original hairstyle? It shows Superman's boyscout-ish like attitude and gives that soft touch to a superhero called the Man of Steel. It's that whiff of fresh air, that good boy-ish look, that aww ang cute naman ng buhok mo may naka-twirl pa sa dulo awww-get-up.

Just look at how serene that strand of hair is. Whoosh! (via)
Well, that's one argument on why they need to keep his bangs on. Now onto the undies...

Look at that image at the top again. Done? OK. Now you're gonna say "But they still need to release a full body picture showing his genitals crotch area!" but you have to consider that when DC Comics rebooted their whole universe this year, they reinvented Superman's suit from this:

  to this -->

What's so different you ask? Well for once, the original suit gives that balanced look: just the right amount of red and blues. The red brief is somewhat similar to how a red light in traffic signals you to stop. It draws attention, where do you think the people got the phrase: "It's a bird! No! It's a plane!" 

No, it's Superman's thong! (via)
If you're a villain, that's the first thing that you'll see when he comes down from the sky, it's basically him saying "Stop! Or my superdick will descend upon you!" 

Heck, he can even use it to call Earth's attention.

Hello? Mic test. (via)

Anyway just some thoughts on that image they posted for the Man of Steel. Could be wrong with the new hairdo or the new suit, initial stage pa lang naman, just trying to give you stuff to ask your friends about. Now go and try using both fashion styles. What? Me first?! Ohohoho I'm one step ahead of you. I've always had bangs on my undies on my pants. Hey no looking!

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