Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ah! Just in time for the new film!

If you're a normal person not living in a cave (except Bruce of course), chances are you've seen the trailer for the new Spiderman film coming out next year, a reboot of a film series we kinda grew up with. Well, to coincide with the promotions that they're doing for the film (trailer, comic-con surprises, Andrew Garfield in the Social Network) and the passing of the suit from Tobey to Andrew, Marvel showed the world the new Spiderman in their Ultimate universe. Spoilers ahead if you're updated in the comics and stuff.

Sooo in line with the movie. (via)

Now you might ask me, so? It's just a black guy in a spidey suit. Well I think it does not help in the promotion of the said upcoming film. I know they're in different types of media but still, same hero, same company. I'm saying that they could have used some consistency, because back when they were looking for a replacement for the movie, people supported this guy:

Troy! (via)
That's Donald Glover, you can watch him as Troy Barnes in Community and he's pretty hilarious. He was in the running to be the next Peter Parker which eventually went to Andrew Garfield. I'm not saying that Andrew's a bad choice, just stating that if they're gonna use Donald as an inspiration for their new Spiderman, why didn't they give him the spot in the first place?

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