Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Jollibee?! Why?!?!

Back in elementary (or was it in kinder?) there was one delicacy that I always craved for whenever we visit a Jollibee store. You know, the mouth-watering-I-want-more-of-this-stuff-I-don't-care-if-I-had-3-already-and-our-family-line-has-diabetes, kind of craving. No? You have no idea? Chickenjoys? screw your chickenjoys! No not that one, I'm not talking about this:

HEAVEN!!!! (via)

So I was shocked and terrified (the horror!) when I ordered one today and saw what they did to my beloved Peach Mango Pie and how they downgraded this stuff from being a slice of baby angels happily singing with every bite to something like this:

That's a platito that can fit in my palm btw. And that's a normal sized tablespoon. YOU CAN SCOOP IT WITH A TABLESPOON! Seriously, why? Can't you guys go back to its original serving? Or even the size before this abomination? I don't care if you put on some air in the pie additional fees, all I want is to have me some longer Peach Mango Pies. Seriously.

seriously, wtf.

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